alisha - runnells, Iowa
Entered on February 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

I believe in miracles.

Four years ago in May, my brother was born. He was a very healthy baby, and the pregnancy and delivery went well. It was three days later that everything started going wrong. Now to understand this, you would have to understand a normal pregnancy. In normal pregnancies endometriosis comes before the delivery. It’s normal, so it’s not harmful, and doctors no what to look for and how to take care of it. It’s when endometriosis comes after the pregnancy that it can be very harmful, so harmful that it can kill the mother.

My mother developed endometriosis three days after my brother was born. She couldn’t feed my brother or be around him. The doctors kept her in a dark room with no sound, because the slightest bit of light or sound to her was like her head being ran over by a freight train. While our family was hoping and praying for a miracle, my dad stayed with her every night (for three nights) and day waiting for the doctors to find out what was wrong with her. Yes, that’s right; they had no clue, it was only normal for endometriosis to happen before the pregnancy. Therefore the doctors didn’t even expect it or look for it as a diagnosis.

After the doctors had done numerous blood tests, x-rays, and what ever other kind of tests doctors do, they came to the conclusion that it was endometriosis. They started her on medication right away. By the next week she got to come home. The doctors had said that it was a miracle she lived, because endometriosis is so rare.

I believe in miracles.

Five years ago August, my grandpa at the age of 75, was diagnosed with lung cancer, among other things. The specialists gave him six months to a year. The cancer was mainly on his left lung, but it had started to spread. We started him on chemo right away. After one week of chemo therapy he had to be taken off of it because he was too weak, this also meant he was too weak for surgery. The doctors told us that if he went into surgery, he wouldn’t come out.

The doctors gave him pain killers and other medication to help with his breathing and other illnesses. As the six month mark was inching closer, the whole family put their differences aside to be strong for my grandpa. When the six month mark had come, we were relieved to have him for one more Christmas. Well that one more Christmas turned into four more. And we’re going for a fifth.

I believe in miracles.

There is a family at my church whose daughter developed cancer. When she started to loose her hair she wasn’t ashamed, she stood proud and strong. When the make a wish foundation came for her wish, instead of asking to see the hawks she asked to see the cyclones, which was her sister’s favorite team. After a long hard year of chemo and pain, the cancer was gone.

I believe in miracles.

Another family at my church has a boy with cancer. The make a wish foundation sent him and his family to Disneyland so he could meet Mickey. He was given a month to live… that was two years ago.

I believe in miracles.

One of my good friends developed leukemia her junior year. She’s getting chemo treatments and blood transfusions. She suffered from open sores and advanced surgeries. She went to prom, but had to leave after being there only an hour. She gets sick if she’s too active. Even though she’s going through a lot, she stays strong.

I believe in miracles

I’m a firm believer in miracles because through my life experiences I’ve learned that even though bad things happen to good people, it always has a positive ending… even if it’s not the one we hope for.