This I Believe

Lars - Rollinsville, Colorado
Entered on February 17, 2008
Age Group: 65+

My God is a Goddess. She is the ruler of creation and evolution and Her laws are divine manifestations that cannot be broken by man. She does not care about our convictions or what we here on Earth believe is right or wrong or what we do or not do. After all we are not alone, there are more heavenly bodies in the Universe than sand pebbles on all our beaches and our presence here on Earth is less than one tick on the cosmological clock and our time might already be running out. My Goddess often seems cruel and hard but Her realm and Her creations are most beautiful and aesthetic. I have spent a lifetime studying Her laws and have learned how to live with them in harmony. She has taught me the art of living to be honest and fair and I am thankful for having been a small part of Her world. My Goddess is Mother Nature.