This I Believe

Richard - Gresham, Oregon
Entered on February 17, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Harmony with ones self has to be one of the most important behaviors that aids in success. Our subconscious holds precious information that is very valuable in problem solving and decision making.

Harmonizing with your subconscious is accomplished through living by the morals and values that you have accepted no matter what they may be. Anything less puts you at war with yourself and living with a considerable amount of handicap.

I am 67 years old, not religious, not an atheist, I am me. I have gained a reputation as a problem solver and have led a successful life with much help from my subconscious. I do not believe that I could have achieved the success that I have if I were at war with my subconscious.

We have all heard the expression, ”Sleep on it “, well that is when we work together, he and I. Often I awake eager to begin my day as we have some answers, we have a plan, he and I.