The Untamed Habitat of Language

Lina - Forest Park, Illinois
Entered on June 27, 2005

Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

I write poetry. I am not a poet. I am an “evaporating language photographer”.

I use this moniker instead of declaring into the void, “I am a poet.” I believe in human fragility, our evaporation. I also believe in language — that it can be represented, photographed, in its untamed habitat. But if language is my spirituality, poetry is still not my church. It cannot be organized or compartmentalized.

I am an advertising copywriter by day. Commercialism and truth running parallel, never intersecting. I “encourage” others to consume in a controlled, manipulated, safe, and tame jabberwocky; all while I continue to accept the direction true language takes me otherwise. Poetry and ad copywriting are not even dichotomous. They share no common thread to create any counter-balance. One tries to force others to believe, and the other is simply belief itself.

I believe in nothing, really, because I believe in everything. I am forced daily to see things one cannot believe. I must believe them because others cannot. I must believe in tragedy, confusion, isolation. I must believe in wonder and joy. I must believe there is still movement, a stirring within the universe, a single breath of celestial salve to evaporate pain.

I believe in positive energy. I believe in memories. I believe we can still touch one another. I must believe your eyes when you see me upon the train and we exchange a knowing glance of humility. I must believe a child’s cry, I must believe my identity, your identity. I believe in madness, abandon. I believe that devastation and loneliness destroys you. Destroys a country. I believe these things happen. I believe because I cannot believe them with my heart.

I believe in a universal spirit of love, but I also believe in its destruction. I believe in everyone. I believe that they can believe me when I tell them that I must continue to believe, even when they cannot. I press on to believe in something, because I can imagine the depths of believing in nothing.