This I Believe

Saul - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I have learned many things in my life with school such as math, how to read, how to write and other “stuff”. I also like to think that I have learned about the world and people in that world, and how to interact with them, which is to say, the attitude I should have or what the difference between right and wrong is and what they are. I also accept that there are many things that I don’t know and will never understand.

My parents have worked hard, hard to where they are now by learning English upon getting into the U.S., and my dad finding a job as a Laborer/Construction Worker, not the funniest job in the world. They always say that if I’m not lazy and I work hard at something and really care about it then I can accomplish it. This has always been their outlook on life and its challenges. They always say this whether it is about trying to get into a good high school or trying to raise your D in U.S. History. While I and anyone would think that a B is good enough, they expect an A because “hey, it’s possible”, so I should try to do it.

Time and time again this philosophy of life has been put to the test and while there are times you might be skeptical, but you have to think. Did you really work hard at it? I have never been the greatest of French students put this year I decided, “why not, maybe I should study” and it turns out if you work hard and try at something then you really can do it. I have also learned through my “not very long life” that with hard work comes that feeling of pride and that great feeling of accomplishment even if it is not as great as you expected it would be. All your blood and sweat put into a creation gives you a great feeling without regrets.

After hard work, you change perspective on life. Your accomplishments seem bigger, your work, grander and your feeling of achievement, limitless. If you work hard at something, it might not be exactly what you expected but it might be better and it will be worth it. This is what, I Believe.