This I Believe

stephanie - granite bay, California
Entered on February 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The a.m. hours of my bathroom are often left with the long lingering, heavy scent of CATWALK hairspray. Men may have dog as their best friend, but women’s best friend for life is hairspray. I believe in big hair, I believe in hairspray, I believe in hair styling. I believe that hair is an art.

Hair, like the way you dress, is a way of expressing ones interests, personality, and individuality. Hair is not meant to be worn limply, or simply thrust into a pony tail, it is meant to be free, dressed with the scented fragrances of Garnier Fructis and Herbal Essence. Brands such as BIGSEXY understand the high demand, for high reaching hair, and luscious locks full of body and wonder. All of their various styling products begin with “BIGSEXY” because big is sexy.

From the days when I wore cowboy boots and diapers, I’ve always had big wild hair. It has been a blessing, and a curse at times, but it has been something that figuratively, and literally, grew on me. My exploding curls at times have become a part of me, and have set me apart from others. This concoction of kinks of my head, has caused me to realize that it is okay, if not wonderful to be different from others. Hair makes the person underneath unique, and creates individual features from others As said in the movie Mean Girls, “that’s why her hair’s so big; it’s full of secrets.”

Hair is beautiful when given the opportunity to be. Give the hair scunchy a day off, and let the locks flow free. There is no such thing as too much hairspray, so hold the nozzle down and let the creativity. of the mind unleash upon your mangled mop. I believe that hair is an art.