This I Believe

brandon - loomis, California
Entered on February 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in long hair and big clothes. I believe in wearing a hat inside. I believe in the ability to choose an appearance without being hurtfully judged. I live my life this way and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Many times I am judged by others because of how I dress, they will call me a bum or say “is that a shirt you’re wearing or a dress?”. In most cases I do not even know the people that say these hurtful things, and they definately do not me. I believe in kindness from others. The reason that I feel so strongly about this topic is not for my sake, but for the sake of others. i have already taken the plunge and stopped worrying what others think. I am doing this because I know how scary it is to wear something new for the first time and wonder what others will think. There are many kids out there that are too scared to start a new fashion because they know that someone will make fun of them and put them down. They just need to remember that if they think it is cool then it really is. Throughout my years of experimenting with different styles of clothes I have found that some crowds will accept it and some will not. The most important lesson that keeps me strong is knowing that I like how I dress and feel good about how I represent myself. It also becomes apparent that throughout life that others will slowly but surely follow the new fashion, No matter how much they mocked it before. I believe in doing what you feel like doing. Even to this day I still feel some butterflies in my stomach when I unveil one of my new creations at school. However, I just remember that I love what I do and I love how I dress, and nothing anyone can say to me will change my mind. I also remember that I have great friends that will always support my need to be different in the field of fashion and that will always compliment my designs. Throughout time it will become evident that following the mind and being creative will usually bring satisfaction, however it needs to be used in self interest and cannot be brought down by what others say. I believe in creativity and uniqueness.