This I Believe

Hayden Alexander - Auburn, California
Entered on February 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in myself. In the long run, all one has is him or her self. So a strong belief and desire to succeed is necessary to live and be happy. Although believing in friends and family is crucial, the truth is, they can let you down. But a person who listens and believes in themselves will always succeed with no help.

I believe that the human species is the most superb out of all other animals. Although we are not the strongest or the fastest, we have the ability to thing, and reason. With enough faith in oneself, anything is possible.

I believe that people who don’t believe in themselves, and rely on others, are not using their full ability, and are in some ways weak, people often tend to put their faith in an idea, or a fallacy or myth that has been told for ages. I however, put all my faith and believe in myself, which is something that I can see and prove its existence.

I believe that I can do anything I want, there are no boundaries, and in my world, I am God. If I set my mind to something, and truly want it, I get it, this is caused by a harsh drive I put in myself.

I believe that the way I overcame my fear of performing in front of people was because of myself. It was a huge problem for me up until I was 15, by that point, I had trained myself to be relaxed, and focused on myself while standing in front of a crowd.

I believe that this applies to anybody, not just myself. As long as the desire and passion is there, everyone can live by this, but some choose not to.

I believe that if everybody did choose to live like there, there would be less personal problems in the world, and nobody would need to rely on others anymore.

I believe that all I need to believe in is myself.

This I believe.