This I Believe

Alexandra - Olathe, Kansas
Entered on February 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever had a little feeling of doubt or disbelief? I did, but that is now part of the past because I have learned to have “faith.” This I believe will help you live successfully. I believe that after you gain the concept of faith, everything else will fall in place.

To me, faith has a lot of meanings. Whether it’s believing in God, going to church, or just being honest and confident, I feel that faith is what keeps me going everyday. My idea of faith is all of those things combined. This is why I believe that.

I am Serbian Orthodox, which is Christian, so I believe in God. When you believe in God though, you can’t just say “I believe in God.” You have to believe what you say. You have to have faith that God is always watching over you. For example, many things have happened to me over the years that have made me really think that God is there.

Just several months ago, my 8-year-old sister woke up throwing up blood. Fear suffocated our tranquil Sunday morning. The only one who wasn’t scrambling around the house in terror was my 5-year-old sister who continued playing with Barbies. Tears streaming down her face, my sister was sent to the emergency room still throwing up blood. I was stuck in confusion watching my littlest sister.

Lying sprawled out on my bed, I clenched my fists together and looked up at the ceiling. Incessantly, I prayed, “Dear Lord, please, please let my sister be okay….please!” It wasn’t the repetitive prayer you recite every night before bed. I really meant it; the words were being forced out of my mouth. In the end everything turned out to be okay. Looking back I felt so stupid praying for no reason. I believe though, that my prayers and faith made my sister okay. I also gained from this traumatic experience. I learned to appreciate my sister more, and this I believe, was a blessing.

That is just one time where I have experienced the power of faith; I have heard of many stories where faith has a role. Have you ever heard of “Everything God does is for a reason?” I have, and that is now a phrase I strongly believe.

There is one other thing I believe about faith. Everything will turn out okay if you just believe. Whenever I am worried about something in the long end, I have to just be positive and know that everything will work out. When I pray, I feel secure inside, like nothing bad will happen. Whether it does or not, I know God has his reasons.

Now whenever I get a little feeling of doubt or disbelief, I think about what I’ve told you about faith. I believe that with faith my life will be worry-free and successful. I believe that after I gained the concept of faith, everything else falls in place. This I believe will get me far.