This I Believe

Geoffrey - flagstaff, Arizona
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe,

I believe that happiness is found in small pieces. Taken as a whole, I find true and profound happiness in the texture of my live. This texture is the sum of the things that I sense around me. For example, today I was stoking the fire in my wood stove and had the pleasant experience of breathing in the wood smoke. I was burning juniper that I cut last summer. In that moment of putting the wood in the stove, I remembered the tree that I cut; I heard again the elk bugling on that trip, and the cool in the night; the sweat of the wood splitting, and the beer after. I remembered starching out under the stars, the sweet tea in the morning. I remembered the wind in the pines, the smell of them as their bark heated in the yellow sun light, I remembered the wildflowers, the smell of saw oil,

I felt the heat of a thousand camp fires, the link that ties us to our ancestors, that merges the texture of my live with theirs. Their texture would be missing the roar of a v8, the thump of a good sound system, the smell of asphalt after the first summer rain in the city. My textures would be missing the screams of a mammoth, the uncluttered vista, and the smell of fat oil lamps in the dark winter. But while my life textures are different from theirs, the happiness that I know, the wonder, the humility, the daring that it takes to live at all, these things I have in common with all of humanity, past and future.

When faced with the struggles in life and the disappointments. When I worry about the future that may be and the past that is gone, it is not the large emotions that make life sweet. It is not the grand passions, nor the black despair, but the texture of life.

In the end taking a deep breath and stretching my back, are enough, and more. This love of life is a pure and holy thing. So in the small moments, I try to stop and be grateful that the price of happiness is so cheap, and that I have been blessed more than common to be a part of the grand spectacle.