This I Believe

Amber - Topmost, Kentucky
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I sat in her driveway for at least fifteen minutes debating on walking up the long dusty path that led me to her doorway. Tears flowed endlessly down my face like a river. It had been many years since I last saw her face, would I even recognize my own mother? All I could think about was her not being there to watch me grow up over the years. To watch me graduate from grade school, to have girl talks with me as a teen. The one thing that hurt me the most was thinking of when I wrecked a four wheeler and they called her but she never showed up at the hospital or even called to check on me although she knew I was hurt bad. I stepped out of the truck it was time to face my fear and to let go of the past. I was scared yet so excited to see if she had really changed this time. I knocked on her door, she looked as scared as me, yet I could see the excitement behind the fear. We talked for hours that evening and kept in touch long after that. Finally I had my mother in my life. When you take a risk and give people a second chance, the outcome could be great.

My father and I had got into our first real fist fight shortly after I turned nineteen. I had never attempted to hit my father back any of the times he smacked before this moment. The rage built within me as he hit me with all his strength on the side of my head and I begun to have flash backs of all the other times it happened. I had finally had enough; I finally reached my breaking point. I started hating him for the bruises he left over my body. I simply hated him to a point that I would go two weeks straight without talking to him and anytime I seem his number on caller I.D. I wouldn’t answer the phone. Every time he would come to mamaws Id go to my room or leave the house, the site of his face burned up my soul. A month had passed he would try to talk to me and try apologizing. My step mom called me one day and was telling me he had been crying and was really sorry. For some unknown reason the weak side of me came out. I decided to give him one more chance.

Perfection is for the impossible, to forgive is human. These are the points when a person has to decide to give someone a second chance and if they let you down then you find out the truth about how the person really is and move on with your life. Life is about taking chances and reaching out giving people second chances even if they don’t deserve them at times.