This I Believe

Jennifer - Tequesta, Florida
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe that school should be a choice. If school was optional I believe that teachers would get more accomplished in a days work. The students that don’t want to be at school but are forced to go, just wreak havoc in all the classes, making it impossible for other students to learn. The main reason why students skip school is to rebel against there enforcers (parents and school officials) who oblige them to attend. Only the students who want to be at school and want to learn would go and believe me there are more than you think.

My whole school career has been scattered with kids who really don’t have a desire to be at school. They have made it harder for people like me that actually want to learn and succeed in life by making school a joke. I do agree that there is a class every once in a while that I would rather not attend, but I remind myself that it will benefit my learning over all.

I was one of the few people I know of who actually knew what they wanted to do in life as a young child. Being that resolute, I didn’t want to waste any time waiting for the rest of the student population to catch up. But I really had no choice.

This I believe that decisive children should be given that choice. They should be weaned out into a separate program where they will most defiantly benefit. Away from all the disruptive, insensible students, so they can learn on their path to success. The school systems would probably be smaller making it better for the students, with more one on one time with teachers. This system would benefit the students greatly, allowing them to begin study on what they really what to do in life. I believe that if this were to happen our future generations would be much more successful in both education and real-life situations.