This I Believe

Garland - Grapevine, Texas
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Beliefs push people to the fringes of society as they gather power and accumulate fanatic followers. To counter the hiarchy established by mainstream belief systems it is essential that someone believe in those not included. When everyone believes the same thing, as establishments such as the Christian Church strive for, there is nothing to hold that belief against. Without critically questioning standing beliefs, the beliefs become void of purpose. The following poem is entitled Belief System.

I believe in the crack addict

in the stained golf cart

collecting the trash

tossed by the cash addict

driving the Mercede-Benz

I believe in the drop out

shoved into the work force

washing dishes and living

off the money he earns

from his educated friends

I believe in the dissent

shown to the powers

that leave questions unasked

relying on ages old

traditions lacking amends

I believe in love for all

not barred by gender or class

giving none the power

of judgement to pass

based on personal sins

I believe in a dirt caked

society where truth is found

only when faith is forsaken

and it is broadcasted that

there is no one to cleanse