This I Believe

Tim - Shepherdsville, Kentucky
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Tim Clark: I Believe

I believe that practice makes perfect. I remember when I was a kid and just learning how to play sports like basketball and baseball. At first I was horrible. I could barely hit the ball. I was, however, a natural at throwing and catching. So my dad would make me practice hitting everyday. I never wanted to practice unless I was with my friends having fun while playing in the sand. That’s how I remember tee ball anyway. But I always complained about having to go practice in my backyard all by myself. My Dad always told me that if I didn’t practice then I would never get better. So after a couple weeks I was able to hit the ball when it was thrown towards me. After a month I became a great hitter and never had to use the tee.

When it came to basketball, it seemed like practice was all I did. I remember dribbling the ball up and down the street, doing drills and exercises to make me better. I would go into my backyard everyday and shoot basketball with my little brother. I started to realize that the more I practiced, the better I became. I wanted to be the best player on my basketball team, so I practiced harder and more often than I ever had before. It paid off, because I was the best player on the team and I felt rewarded.

I have tried to pass this lesson on to both of my little brothers. They, just like me, had trouble when they first started playing. They went through the same process that I went through. Now that I have taught them a few things, they are starting to pick up on it. They still don’t practice as much as they should but they are always getting better.

I think this applies to anything that you want to improve at like school, a job, being a friend, or just being nice. If you practice it and practice it, eventually you are going to improve and learn that practice makes perfect.