This I Believe

Braden - Bardstown, Kentucky
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The power of cheese

I believe in the power of cheese. You got Swiss, American, cheddar, pepper jack, and even shredded. My favorite would probably be American. Cheese, in itself, is such a powerful food. I like to eat it, chew it, and play with it, its called cheese. I love to eat it on crackers, bread, chili, fries, burgers, macaroni, salad, baked potatoes, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, Tostitos chips, and just by itself.

In early 2007, my love for cheese took a devastating blow. Soon after my father had a heart attack caused by high cholesterol, I had my blood tested to see if I also had bad cholesterol. Unfortunately, I was blessed with this trait from my dad. As soon as I heard I had high cholesterol, the first thing I thought about was cheese. What was I going to do, if I couldn’t come home everyday and eat at least two slices?

For several months, I went through terrible withdrawals. Not having cheese on anything put me in the worst mood ever. I wanted to taste it so bad that I would dream about it at night. All I could think about in school was unwrapping a wonderful Kraft single and pulling it apart into little pieces, and savoring every little bit of the creamy indescribable taste.

After a while, I finally overcame my addiction to this terrible “drug”, although it was very hard. It took months in “rehab” and a lot of help from my closest of friends. One other thing that was a big part of breaking of my addiction was faith in the man upstairs. I still have sudden urges to just make a grilled cheese when I am home alone, but I have to have self control and make sure I resist. I have learned that not having this powerful food in my life has made me a healthier person, even if I still cry myself to sleep at night. I can’t wait for the day, if I make it to heaven that God and I can chill and make some stupendous grilled cheeses together with some Kraft singles.