This I Believe

Jonathan - Bardstown, Kentucky
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

I believe in the therapeutic power of hunting and fishing in the great outdoors. The excitement, the relaxation, the euphoria of the time spent perhaps with your dad or maybe just a friend. The excitement that shoots through your body when you see your big trophy coming to you is unlike any other. Suddenly you move from dog-tired-at-seven o’clock-in-the-morning to wide-awake-and-motionless. Nervousness sets in as you stare down your sights and you think “I can’t afford to miss this one.” All is quiet and tranquil around you until you take that shot and then the feeling of anxiety is felt as you wait and listen for the fall. Waiting you ponder upon the story you can tell everyone of your great adventure. The thrill and excitement of hunting is one you always remember.

What about using this time to spend with family and friends? Going fishing with your dad, grandpa, son, daughter, or even just a friend is a great time to relax and talk. The important part is not catching a mess of fish or even catching the big ones. Sometimes just sitting on the bank talking to your fishing partner in the shade staring out over the water with the wind in your face is well worth the time that is passing.

I remember as a little kid on many occasions going fishing with my dad, and how happy I was when I could see the bobber submerge in the water. I would jerk up my pole start reeling and hope that it was a big one. I have had many good memories while fishing with my dad. The time I angered my dad by stepping on and snapping a fishing pole lying in the grass, or the time a fish pulled our pole in the water and after getting it back two weeks later my grandpa throwing the pole back in the water when it slipped from his hand.

I have come across many memories and been in a peaceful state of mind during my years of hunting and fishing. It gives me a sense of relaxation. And while some people may argue that being excited and nervous while waiting on an animal cannot possibly be relaxing, I beg to differ. There is nothing else I would rather be doing to keep myself calm and relaxed than to go and sit in the woods or by a lake and wait for an opportunity.