This I Believe

Chris - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Power is a Wonderful Thing

Imagine a nine year old playing basketball. This nine year old shoots the ball misses and then runs back to go get it, the coach calls a time-out and the kid scrambles to the bench. When he takes a seat on the bench the coach makes note of his obvious frustration and tells him “its okay, you will do better next time.” The child than goes out with a new glow to his face and puts a regenerated energy to his game.

When there is any type of crisis happening in any field, may it be a cat stuck up in a tree to a tsunami sweeping away half of a country the best thing you can do is consult the problem with the influential power or your words. Words can send such a powerful message that it has the ability to make anyone’s day or crush it for that matter, and this is what I believe.

I remember witnessing an act of discouragement when there was a certain individual passing a smaller more conserved person in the hallway, they decided it would be funny to make a scene and start ripping apart at this person verbally. There were insults thrown out such as “Why do you live, your taking up everyone’s air” and “You can’t actually think your important here.” I see these people not in the way they want to be seen but instead in a sad, disappointing manner because I realize that they are not going very far with what they are doing. They feel good about themselves for making others feel bad for there five minutes in the spotlight and then they so casually make their way to their next victim as they leave there previous one daunting in a shell of unhappiness and sorrow, but what they don’t realize is that one day the victim that they are trying to abuse will not take it. They will not break down which would give no satisfaction to the verbal abuser and he will not know what to do because the fixation that he has relied on so much will fail.

The true power is when someone uses their words to bring you up and give you satisfaction which helps you motivate yourself to move forward. I can recall witnessing the act of discouragement and then immediately after I see a person of greater value walk up to the victim and comfort him in his words of reassurance with phrases such as “Ignore him, they like to do things like that.” The people that do that are not only remembered but are praised in a much different way than using their controlling words to insult and provoke one another. When I see people helping one another maybe weaker or even stronger individual than themselves I know that that is the kind of person that is able and willing to make change happen in the world as we know it.