This I Believe

Kelsey - North Liberty, Iowa
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

A Witchy Connection.

When it comes to after lives people and religions all have very different ideas as to what happens after death. While some believe in a heaven and hell, and that how you spend your life will determine which destination you end up in and some believe in either one or the other. Some don’t believe in anything at all or that when you die that’s it, its over there is no after life. Yet still some others believe in reincarnation, that after you die that you come back as another living thing, and continue the cycle of life, either forever or until you learn your life’s lesson. I am very partial to my religion, holding it true above most everything else, because it has brought me peace of mind and harmony.

I believe that after you die that you are reincarnated as another living thing, weather it is a person, an animal, or a plant, and you continue being reincarnated as on of these many things until your life’s lesson is learned. After your lesson is learned then you end up in summer land, which can be compared to heaven except it’s basically a giant field of flowers. In my religion you are always connected with nature because your god and goddess are mother and father nature. And everything is considered beautiful and everything is sacred. I hold reincarnation true thanks to a very common phrase used among people who share my beliefs: once a witch, always a witch. I never understood why to me witch craft and other paranormal things were so interesting to me when I was little but not all the children felt that way. Once a witch always a witch means that in a past life you were a witch so in this life you will be drawn to this as well and then in your next you will also be pulled in by it. That one little phrase helped me understand why I think the way I do and why I feel such a strong connection with these particular set of beliefs.