This I Believe

Shannon - Coralville, Iowa
Entered on February 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Just Try to Push Through It

Shannon Sullivan

Everything was going great. My grades were up. My friends didn’t have any drama to report on or start. I was happy, and I thought it would last forever. Then someone I know dies, I got really sick, and things started going downhill. I missed so much school that my grades dropped to straight C’s. That makes me a failure, or so my parents claim. Gossip about me is circling around and I start feeling like I can’t trust anyone. That is when I learn happiness isn’t forever.

Now I spiraled down into a deep depression. Everyday was filled with the same pain. It’s like living the same day in Hell over and over again. My friends kept hurting me. With their gossip and false promises, they tell me they’re there for me and then I heard all their complaints given behind my back. I lose faith in them, just like I lose faith in everything else. They made me feel more worthless; I just wanted to make everything stop, basically end my own life. But I couldn’t hurt them, even though they hurt me so much. I thought my life would be like this forever.

A few months later I met some people that were like me. Days were hard to live. We found comfort in each other’s problems. They cared, from what I could see. They made me feel like I matter, like I had worth. My new friends pointed out it doesn’t matter what people say if it isn’t true. Also most likely the reason they’re saying this stuff is because they don’t know what to do to help you and are concerned. Things started to get so much better. And now today I’m happy.

I learn that nothing lasts forever. Good or bad, it’s not going to last. Because life itself isn’t forever, you are only mortal. Tomorrow is going to be different, conflicts start, people change, things that aren’t a big deal become one, and you never know why. You just got to push through it. Because it’s not going to be like that forever, those conflicts are going to be solved, you meet new people, and big deal gossip stories blow over. That’s life. It’s temporary and I should cherish it while I’m lucky enough have it. Also, when things aren’t going to well again, I just push through it. The times I’m happy are worth the all trouble.