This I Believe

James - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe life is a drug. Not because I do them all the time, but because I know I will never have to. While others are getting high smoking, you can find me getting high off of a head-shot in a video-game. Consequently, I’m right down with the smokers, depressed after the short-lived high, when my team loses the game.

I believe life is a drug because of the answers I received when I questioned myself. As others around me began to do them, I thought about it; why do people do them? Can you not get the same heady feeling from winning a soccer game, the same sense of despair after you lose the next? Can you not get so addicted that you always want to feel the rushing thrill, and soccer practice consumes your life, much like cocaine?

I believe that life is a drug because at the end of a good, fun, day, you find yourself sad, and being inexorably drawn towards the next hit of life. People always want more of something that makes them feel good, and when you are succeeding at life, you can’t get enough. You always go out the next day, prepared for another euphoric high and another anxious low.

I believe that life is a drug, because I’m addicted to it. I know this because I view death not with fear, but with a wistful sense of loss, because I know there will have been so much I didn’t do. I believe that life is a drug because I hate going to sleep, knowing I can’t experience another rush until the next day.

I believe life is a drug because as I write this, I’m still recovering. I feel sad because my high of an A in my history test has worn off, and I have another test tomorrow.

We addicts have it hard.