This I Believe

Leila - North Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

Nobody in my family really talks about it. Or, at least not when I’m around. I have very horrid dreams about this and wonder what I can do that will really help. Unfortunately I haven’t thought of anything very good yet. I think about it all the time. I’m not entirely sure why though… or am I? I do don’t I! I only think about it because it stands out in my head! Something about it just isn’t right. But what?

I believe in stopping the war, I believe in this because too many people die. If this war goes on much longer children will have to go to war. Just like the children’s crusade!

Also, I believe in stopping the war because it costs too much. Sooner or later china, (the people we’re borrowing money from) won’t let us borrow any more money. Then we will have to drop out of the war because we wouldn’t have enough money to provide things for the people at war. This would be extremely bad.

I also believe in stopping the war because it splits families and friends up. I think this is a bad thing because it is hard to have a family member/ friend to die or even go missing!!! I’ve had many people die in my family, and many of them were very close to me. But I have never had somebody I know go missing.

I think many people do talk about the war, five times a month? No, every day is more like it. The things that I have just mentioned are just a few reasons that I believe in stopping the war. My decision may be important but the most important decision is yours.