This I Believe

Raelynn - Snoqualmie, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in judging people for who they are and not who they hang out with. About three years ago, when I was in fourth grade, I wanted a change. I wanted friends that are going to be there for me. So when I changed schools I wanted a new beginning, I made new friends and they were the best ones I had in a long time. But they weren’t all that popular, so all my old friends made fun of me.

When you make fun of someone because of whom they hang out with, your hurting someone’s feelings. Why would you want to want to go through the regret of someone feeling hurt, sad, or feeling like they don’t fit in.

You disrespecting someone like that can make people not act like themselves and doing things differently, not acting the same way they normally would, and when they were just fine the way the were in the beginning.

When you make fun of someone because of who they hang out with that is a bad decision to make because you don’t know the friends, so what their not popular in the end were all the same and they were probably really nice and wouldn’t talk about you behind your back, start roomers about you, and wont be disrespectful you or your other friends.

Next time you think about making fun of someone think about the people that are getting hurt. Make the right decision and choose to judge people for who they are and not for who they hangout with.