This I Believe

Paul - North Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

You know during a wild party when someone has a couple of beers. Or maybe at a fancy dinner party were one person has one two many glasses of wine. I believe in staying a way from alcohol because you waste money, you do crazy things, and you get into car crashes. It makes you think things you don’t want to and it can get you arrested if you drink under age.

When you are drunk you can spend a lot of money. If you do it is because it you are addicted of sorts and you buy more. People spend a lot of money on alcoholic drinks in the first place, like my dad found a two thousand dollar bottle of champagne on the internet. He was looking on for a bottle of wine. I think that if you are going to buy alcohol then you should buy the cheap stuff and drink only one glass a night so that you don’t get drunk.

When you get drunk you do crazy things like have crazy out of control party’s, have “fun”, and disturb neighbors. If you are drunk then you are probably and are disturbing other people. If you are drunk then you might ask a friend to get drunk to. You have been taken over by the monster and he is spreading his pain to your friend. Your friend should just say no. they are making a bad decision and are better off not doing so.

When you are drunk don’t drive. Just don’t. It can kill you even if you think it can’t. It could kill friends, family, and even you to. If you are intoxicated stay out of the drivers seat and get someone else to drive as long as they did not anything to drink. Even one glass can get you drunk. The commercials say to stay out of the seat but they never do.

You are probably wondering why I am reading this. Well it is because it might just change your mind. I think the future might hold death for a lot of people. I hope this essay changes your mind. A helpful hint for not getting drunk, please stay away from alcohol.