This I Believe

Sarah - North Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I always watch the news and almost everyday there seems to be a teen that has killed themselves for no apparent reason. It is sad to think they are throwing their lives away for one little mistake they made. So I believe youth suicide is horrible.

First, their families get depressed, and stressed. They sometimes think that it was their fault that they would want to kill themselves. Also they would wonder why their child would want to end their lives so early. A girl we knew committed suicide. She wasn’t a friend or family but my sister and brother knew her. It was hard for us to hear that she did that even though we didn’t know her well so we knew how hard it must have been for her family.

Next, they should think about what they are doing. It is possible just to think about all the other good things in life then that one bad thing that happened to them once. When I get mad I stop and think before I do something I will regret. It will most likely get better. You would hurt your family and friends if you do. They will have to go on with out you thinking why he/she would do that.

Last, you haven’t lived long enough to die. Your whole life is ahead of you don’t waste it. Everyone makes mistakes it okay. Don’t think so much about it think about good things in life and let it go! I have made many mistakes in my lifetime but nothing serious like hurting or killing myself, or anyone else.

I think youth suicide is pointless and very hurtful to your family. My family is very loving and happy they would be devastated if I or anyone in my family committed suicide. I think everyone should think as I do. Parents should raise their kids knowing that there is no way that their child would do something that horrible.