This I Believe

Rebecca - north Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

At the beginning of the year I usually buy a big 24 pack of multi-colored sharpies. Then my teacher told me about how plastic takes over 100 years to decompose. I thought that if I can do it every year so can everybody else. So it got me thinking, why are they so bad?

Sharpies are bad. Right now we’re swimming in our own sharpies. Do you by sharpies for school? If you do that sharpie will only last you about ¼ of the year. Then you have to buy new sharpies.

Do you buy sharpies for your house? I do. If so how many do you buy? Maybe about three? When you buy all of those sharpies for school you buy more for home. That costs more money.

Speaking of money, each sharpie costs about $1.50. Say you want to buy a 24 pack of all different colors for $25 but it’s on sale for $18. Your mom doesn’t let you get it. Instead you buy 5 sharpies in your favorite colors. The total is $7.90 with tax. Your mom buys 10 for home for $15.30 with tax. The total for it all is $23.20. You run out four times a year so your price for the year is $112.80. Your price for sharpies every 5 years is $564.00. That’s a lot of money for pens!

If we buy one sharpie for school and one sharpie for home we could save a lot more money. Also we could help clear the world of less sharpies. When I started this paper I didn’t really believe in my topic. Now I really don’t like sharpies. lets stop helping to dig the grave for earth with sharpies.