This I Believe

kaycee - snoqualmie, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Every one has things they don’t believe in and I have many but one of them is soda. Soda does a lot of bad things to you. I think that soda should stop being made. Then maybe less bad things will happen

I believe that soda is bad for you because of many reasons. One reason is because it takes calcium from your teeth. If calcium gets taken from your teeth they will either rot or just fall out. In the future if people stop drinking soda a lot of teeth probably won’t fall out.

Soda also makes you really dehydrated. A lot of people think it helps them cool down so they drink it after sports. When you drink soda during sports its makes you more dehydrated than you are already. I think that soda shouldn’t be drank during a sport, or never.

Soda also makes you bones weak. If you drink a lot of soda you probably have really weak bones. If you fall you could break a bone easily. Like say you are on a trampoline and you jump really hard you could break a bone. Even if you drink soda a little bit more and more bad things happen.

I think that kids and adults should start drinking juice, water, and milk more. Then people’s bodies will be healthier and stronger. If it keeps you healthy I say go for it! I think in the future soda should stop being made. I DO BELIEVE IN NOT DRINKING SODA.

Thank you