This I Believe

Brian - North Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe the Huskies are Superior

There are many things I don’t believe in. Like grown-ups saying they are smarter that kids; but, I have to say I don’t believe in this one. The Washington State Cougars are better than the University of Washington Huskies. The Washington Huskies have made it to national playoffs, Sweet Sixteen playoffs, and have been nationally ranked. That is why Washington is called the Huskies Nation. The weird thing is that people think that the Washington State Cougars are better than the Huskies, and quite frankly, the cougars haven’t made it to many of those. Although some people believe the Washington State athletic program are stronger than the University of Washington’s program. I believe the Huskies are better than the cougars because they have more school spirit, they have most athletes turn pro, and all of the top recruits go to Washington.

To begin with, I believe the Huskies school spirit is a lot better than the cougars. The Huskies team colors are purple and gold, whereas the cougars are silver and crimson. Many teams have silver and crimson; such as Stanford, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M. The Huskies colors are more modern and creative. I believe this makes the team look more exciting and makes them stand out more. The Huskies fan base is twice the size of the cougars’. I believe this makes them sound louder and more intimidating. Also the dimensions of the stadium makes the fans sound louder and that is why the ESPN experts say that Hec Ed Pavilion is one of the hardest places to play at for and opposing team. One of the coolest things at the Husky game is that there is a real husky dog on the sideline. Sometimes the dog will howl and get the Husky fans all fired up. Also, its gives the opposing team a chill to the bone. I believe a mascot contributes to the school spirit. Imagination, size of the fan base and a real mascot puts Washington way above Washington State.

Second, I believe more great athletes that made it to the pros went to Washington. Here are a few of the great retired that played for Washington: Kevin Gogan, Mark Brunell a professional quarterback, Chris Chandler who made a super bowl appearance, Ed Cunningham, old great Bily Joe Hobert, and Greg Lewis. Washington State doesn’t have nearly as many and are not well known. Therefore, I believe the UW has made a name for its athletic program outside of the NCAA. There are also current players at the pro level. Who went to Washington: Nate Robinson a slam-dunk winner, Spencer Hass who only needed one year of collage to make it to the pros, and Brandon Roy who won NBA rookie of the year. Washington is currently producing top athletes because it has top of the line coaching staff and some of the toughest schedules of the year. Many retired and current players got there start at fame at Washington instead of Washington State.

Last, I believe all the top recruits go to Washington. Most of the seniors at Bellevue High School (five time state champions) have committed to Washington. They are drawing bigger names and more important future starts that WSU. In addition, they are ensuring that their athletic programs are better than Washington States by getting top recruits. For example, Jake Locker went to Washington over Washington State. Jake Locker has Heisman potential and the Heisman award is the MVP of the season for collage players. He chose to play at Washington where he though they had a stronger team to help him achieve his goals. I Believe new recruits chose to go to Washington instead of Washington State because they too think Washington has a better athletic program.

Quite frankly, I believe is should now be clear that Washington has better athletic programs that its top rival, Washington State, because it has a larger fan base, great athletes who turned pro and is recruiting the top high school players to play for them. The best part of their spirit is they mascot on the court. In addition, many retired pros got their start at UW. Finally, new recruits who are going to follow in the old footsteps are committing to Washington. Therefore, I believe, that Washington is better than Washington State as it has all of the great elements of an outstanding program. Check and do research, I dare you. When u finally face the facts, you will see that I am right. Watch and listen for the next fifty years, time will tell, the Huskies are superior.