This I Believe

Alex - snoqualmie, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

The war on Iraq is happing now. Many families are hurt by a lose of family members to the war I lost a step cousin to the war and my step grandma is taking it the hardest. If the war doesn’t end now it will just end up costing the United States more in the long run. I believe the war on Iraq is not the United States business. Plane and simple. And I will tell you my three reasons to end this crises.

My first reason is, our invasion caused a civil war. I mean let them think what they want. Let them kill each other if they want to. It’s better to let them kill each other than our troops. Right? It didn’t effect us before, but now that we invaded Iraq it effects us every day. It’s on the news. In the papers. It’s a big deal to the average American citizen.

My second reason is, we are losing all our troops to a war that has nothing to do with the United States. What good comes from that!-? All we need is for someone to come and attack us and with all the troops in Iraq, we’re toast!!! Wouldn’t that be nice! So if we pull all the troops out of Iraq we wouldn’t have that problem.

My third reason, is the war probably wont end. As long as people have different opinions about something there will be some sort of conflict. So as long the people in Iraq disagree there will be war. It might stop for a little wile but then it will continue. So the war will never end.

Those are my three reasons why I believe the war on Iraq is not the United States business. So if the United States keeps fighting we will lose all of our troops and supplies and it will be a terrible future for our generation. It will be filled with debt, poverty and death. Is that a future? I certainly don’t think it is. If we keep fighting we’re going to fall apart like a tower of blocks. Do you think the war is a good idea?