This I Believe

Tyler - North Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Why do we do homework, we already perform work in school. I mean it’s like their trying to keep us busy and have no free time. That’s why I believe we shouldn’t have to do homework. Like the one this I believe essay and I have three reasons to support me up on that.

The foremost one is that it’s dull. I mean where’s the action to draw you in. Furthermore where’s the feelings, there is no laughing, weeping, and no seriousness. Plus there is no quest or voyage keeping you tuned in and just waiting to now what’s around every bend.

Second it’s not useful. I indicate it’s unlike your superior (your boss) or someone is going to ask you to write a this I don’t believe essay. Also it’s not like we haven’t previously gotten enough practice already on writing. Also really once you write it your going to feasible never be looked at it again.

Consequentially its perplexing like how can you write about something that can effortlessly be verified immoral and you distinguish it. In addition how can you make it stimulating if all your doing is trying to confirm something. & what’s the point of it, you write it and nonentity happens.

So we come back to the proclamation that is, what’s the point of homework if we do schoolwork, it’s futile. Subsequently those are three reasons why I believe that students shouldn’t have to do schoolwork.