This I Believe

Connor - North Bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

I have had many people in my young life die, and if you ask me way too many. For example my grandpa Louis Jensen, my uncle Craig Jensen, and also my two cats Max and Tia. All of them died but they are in my hearts forever. I always admired my parents for showing almost no emotion. There was only one time I have ever seen my dad cry. That was when we came home from church that wonderful afternoon and saw one message on our answering machine. I still remember hearing my grandmother’s voice on the machine telling my dad that his dad had a stroke. By the time he got there he was dead. I remember that one single tear come into my dad’s eye roll down his cheek and fall to his shirt right over his heart and staining his plaid shirt and sinking into his heart and burning a big hole where his memories of his father were. At that instant my world shattered my heart broke into a thousand pieces. The thing is now, almost 9 years later when I ask to listen to stories of my grandfather my dad speaks so fondly of him that you would never think that Louis T. Jensen was dead. This leads me to my belief, you never forget a dead loved one.

Just because a loved one dies does not mean that you die along with them. You’re still living, breathing. You may cry like a new born baby when it is brought into the world or you may fall into the arms of depression. Trust me I have been in a situation like these and I know it is hard but you have to fight through it and never give up. I have seen many of my loved come and go but life goes on. Day after day life goes slowly but surely to the next day.

Also everyone dies, you can’t live forever. Even if you could would you like it? Then you would have to go through war, pollution, world starvation, and global warming. It is a fact of life everyone dies and you can’t get in the way of that. Death happens every day and once our loved ones die then it is a whole different story. You finally know what it feels like to know your going to die.

Life is too short to obsess over death, so you shouldn’t. Just try to remember the good times, and if you can they must have been some great times. Death usually shows you that you never quite know when you will die so my advice is to live your life to the fullest and never let anyone tell you that what you are doing is wrong.

Clearly everyone must die sometime so I encourage you all to listen to what I said and go out and spend time with your loved ones. The more time you spend with them the bigger they’re place in your heart will because if you don’t then you could lose them forever.