This I Believe

Sal - Snoqualmie, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My sister is a tall smart fancy dressing little 4 year old girl. She is attending Mt. Si. Montessori and she is in ballet and swimming lessons. But don’t think even for one second that she is nice because you don’t know the downsides yet. I believe she is 3 things: 1. She is annoying 2. She is bossy 3. She is whiney.

First off, my sister is annoying. Sometimes when I am watching a movie she dances in front of the TV just to be a brat. Then I tell her to move and I get yelled at by my mom. Other times we are at the table and my parents are in the living room she curls her tongue and calls me names like shmoopsy poo or champeen. I guess she thinks they are swear words.

Next, she is bossier than some teenagers I know. To her its either her way or the highway. For example when I am playing with her I will accidentally do something wrong and she screams at me. But of course I don’t get to be bossy oh no not at all.

Lastly, if guessed she was whiney you are absolutely right. I wish I could do that because if I merely touch her stuff she tells on me or screams until I give it back. I don’t get to scream when she takes my stuff. If I did she would think twice about screaming at me.

Next time she screams at me when I touch her stuff I’ll scream and tell on her. If you want to see her with me fighting come on over and bring some popcorn cause it will last a while.