This I Believe

Andrew - north bend, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I believe

I have played football for one year for 1 year. I am still learning all the formations and plays. I also hope to play next year as a starter. This sport is the best sport I have ever played. I am 13 years old. I hope to play this sport all the way through high school and maybe collage if I’m good enough. Also I for me this is the most interesting sport I ever played. I believe that football is the greatest sport even though I am better at soccer. This sport requires three main things skill, strength, and sportsmanship.

First, this fabulous sport requires a lot of skill. For example running backs need to juke. Also the team quarterback needs to know how to hand the ball off and throw it to their receivers. As a receiver you to need skill you need to now how to catch the football throw at you to get the touch down, first down, or gain monster yards. Finally ever player on the team need to now all the plays. For Example you don’t now your plays you play left-out.

Next, every player needs tons of strength. Linebackers, linemen, and all the backs need strength. Linebackers need it to crush the carrier. Linemen need strength to block their quarterback or if there on defense they need to blow throw the line and sack the quarterback. Also running backs need to run fast, break tackle, and stiff arm. That requires a lot of strength. Finally the defense of backs need to tackle, and run like a hyena.

Finally, all the football players need sportsman ship. If they don’t they will rune the game for everybody. One example of that is yelling at the reefs, their coaches, and other players. If every one had tons of sportsman ship this game will be a blast. Finally if you have sportsman ship you will gain respect.

Truly, football is the greatest sport of all time. I played and I was cornerback. Also making the game winning intersecption is the best thing ever. I have also experienced so I now you will have a blast if you play football. Also I bet you if you try football you will change your mind. Try it before you crisis it. I think football is the greatest better than anything. If you don’t like try it.