This I Believe

Zack - 98056, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever lit up a cigarette? You might or might not care about this article or maybe even think that this is on one of those cheesy stories on smoking. Smoking is nothing cheesy. You might think all those filters help make cigarettes safe. That is not true. I believe in not smoking at all. Smoking is bad for you. Smoking makes you less social. Smoking can kill you.

Smoking is pointless and bad for you. Smoking is bad, disgusting, and despicable. It is horrible for your heart; it shoots at your lungs in the face every time you have a cigarette. Your lungs are like a balloon, the more you smoke, the less air it gets. Smoking can also cause cancer. If you don’t care about your lungs, at least care about others. When you light up a cigarette, it affects the people around you to.

A second reason why smoking is dangerous is they you become less social. Smoking makes you a turtle that keeps your head in your shell. Smoking is for smokers, only for smokers should smoke. When you smoke, you hang out with different kids. They don’t like you for who you are, they just want someone to smoke with. You usually aren’t outside also; most of the time you are outside is when you are at school.

Overall the last reason why you shouldn’t smoke is that it leads to death. If you die from smoking, you die in vain. Death is like a candy, people are sad when you are eaten. No one would actually want you dead, people may say that but it is not true. You know, being dead isn’t the most pleasant thing. That is not written from facts or experiences but it is true, I think. But when you die, how would others think? Sadness is like a rubber duck, so sad it isn’t a real duck. If you died wouldn’t friends or family miss you?

Thus, those are my three reasons. If the world had no smoking imagine what it could be! There would be more people, and healthier people! There would be people walking on the streets, no one worrying about cancer, because the easiest way to get cancer is from smoking. There would be a lot more happiness and families! I knew some one who died of smoking, if no one smoked, they would still be here! So that is why I believe in not smoking.