This I Believe

Oscar - Heber, Utah
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

By: Oscar Aguilar

It was my first day of school here in the United States. I was in kindergarten when I got out of my car and the first thing I ever heard from another student on school was. “Go back where you belong”. I didn’t want to go to school anymore because I was afraid of getting discriminated and I hated school I never wanted to go because kids would pick on me because I was brown or because I didn’t speak perfect English or just because I was poor or because I didn’t have very nice clothes like the other kids or for whatever simple reason

Discrimination is everywhere you go and that is not right, no matter who it is or what there physical appearance looks like. It doesn’t matter if they are white, black, brown or Asian. We are all human beings and we have to treat each other the same way no matter who it is or what they do. It’s not like if some one is brown they bleed a different color of blood or if someone has blonde hair they have three feet or something.

Maybe kids already have enough problems at home and the only place they feel safe and relax is at school or out of home and if they go out they get call names or bullied by other people. We all need to understand that we should all just stop the bulling, stop the name calling, stop everything that is bad!

I have never been the perfect person in my life and I’m not saying I am the perfect person and I try to change and be a nice and more equal person and more people should be nicer and more polite with each other because bad karma brings more bad karma and we should all just do as John Lennon said once, “Come together, All together!”