This I Believe

Rafael - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A Blessing in Disguise

By: Rafael A. N

Life is composed of distinct events filled with moments of unforgettable happiness and occasional sorrow. However, so much of life is unforeseen. Whether we choose to accept it or not, hardship and trials are inevitable and our emotions tend to reveal. I’ve jumped many hurdles in the long race of life, but I still have a great deal to learn. I believe that instead of taking our problems as a punishment, we should consider it a blessing in disguise that will ultimately shape who we will become.

As a tennis player, I have only one goal in particular: to win my matches, but when I am faced with defeat I am overwhelmed with frustration. Instead of allowing frustration to take over me, I learned to use it as a motivation to work harder to reach my goal. Without these defeats, I would not have learned the way in achieving my goal through hard work and perseverance, because with every mistake there is always a valuable lesson to learn.

Moreover, sometimes things that I consider bad could actually be good for me. Like medicine for instance, it gives me an unpleasant taste but I know that it can heal me from my sicknesses. Like this example, there are always bitter tastes in many of my situations, such as taking an exam. I tend to cram in sessions just to get a better understanding of the material, and although I might hate having to sacrifice my time to study, I know that my sacrifices will get me that good grade, which soon after I know would give me the rare feeling of a weightless shoulder. Although this feeling is only temporary I take full advantage of it by continuing what I did to achieve many of the same goals.

When I was asked the question: “If you could go back to your past, what would you change?” I would always reply with one answer, nothing. Everything I went through in the past, like the frustrations with tennis, the sacrifices I gave for school, etc. help shape who I am today and there’s nothing of me that I would change. The problems I faced in the past will only help me face new ones in my future, and although many people can’t see it, I believe that life’s lemons are our source for making lemonade.