This I Believe

Sione - burien, Washington
Entered on February 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

I define a hero as someone who will always be there when you need them. Someone you can always rely on, who can help you, and who can be there when you need them. That’s what I believe a hero truly is, not those people you see on TV or in comics. I’m talking about the ones you put in picture frames and talk about for the rest of your lives. Not those who fade away and you forget about, because there’s always a new hero. A true super hero doesn’t have a super artificial power that they get from living on a different planet, or from some chemical reaction. I’m talking about someone who naturally grew up with this talent. She can’t fly and I’m pretty sure she can’t run the speed of light, and for sure she can’t run through walls, but I believe…

There’s only one super hero in my life that I can truly rely on, from whom I can get help with my problems. She has her own “super powers”. She always has something funny to say, she can beat me up, she can tattle tale; she’s got her own little tricks up her sleeves, like reverse psychology. I’m pretty sure, like an artificial superhero, she would do anything to help, even if it meant getting in a fight for me. That’s why she is my true superhero.

With her little tricks up her sleeves she tells me how she would keep her kids from leaving the house. She said that she would hide something under their beds to make sure that she knew that they would be at home. One time she did her reverse psychology on my sister and me, when we tried to sneak out of the house. When we came back home she left a note on the door. She had locked the door and told us that she was going to tell our dad, but she was waiting in the living room the whole time. But she never told, and ever since my sister and I never snuck out of the house behind our parents’ back.

With the ability to trick others it might sound as if my sister is some villainous criminal who is going to trick the president or something. But her powers seem to be useless in such cases as taking over the world. She’s a true hero because she can tell what an evil deed is and what’s not. I mean she would never help me get tons of money from my parents for useless things like movies or electronics, but she would use those tricks to keep one of us from making choices that end a life, not that it would occur. I believe that real superheroes exist- and my sister is one.