This I Believe

ashley - jacksonville, Illinois
Entered on February 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: injustice

“This I Believe”

Allow me to begin this journey of words with a few opening statements that I feel

to be of the up most importance. I feel that society has taken a turn for the worst. Human

beings are no longer deserving of the air they breath, the everyday splendors of life, nor

to be in the company of anyone who makes an honest attempt at a respectable existence.

In fact, most of us have become quite comparable to the nauseating feeling you get when

you walk into a room permeated by the rancid smell of rotting, decaying flesh and human

waste. I think we have sunk to the ultimate low of lows, the bottom of the barrel, the end

of our proverbial ropes and have reached the point of no return. With all that being said, I

believe in the death penalty.

I believe that humans have surpassed the time of simply being slapped on the

wrist for their crimes and it is time to give meaning back to the phrase, ‘what goes around

comes around.’ In the end, we all get what we deserve, this I believe. If you live a life of

someone who takes without giving, in the end, someone will take from you. If you kill

someone, without justification, why shouldn’t you die too? Why does the justice system

have access to a method of what I like to call ‘pest control’ if they can’t or won’t use it?

Why is punishing people for their crimes suddenly an issue of God? First of all, if you

believe that God has a unique design or plan for everyone and everyone dies only when it

is their time, then who’s to say we are not carrying out God’s work when we rid this

world of simply another parasite that has fed off our land and communities for far too

long? When someone is declared as having no chance of rehabilitation, why oh why do

we place them in a prison, which seems to come with more amenities than a five star

hotel by the way? Why do we pay for these useless, horrific, sorry excuses for the divine

human race to eat, sleep and play with all their little inmate friends until the day they die?

Prisons are over crowded with ‘lifers’ meaning the ones who will never be released

because they are messed up beyond all repair, because lets face it, there’s no cure for

genetic ignorance and all crimes that result from such a birth defect. I believe that the

punishment should fit the crime. Death equals death! The death penalty works, obviously,

they won’t be repeat offenders will they?