This I Believe

tra - charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on February 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Throughout time my family has had many brushes with the paranormal, it seems as if we are magnets to all things supernatural.i will begin by telling you about my personal experiences.As a child of about age 4 was when I clearly remember things happening.

I had moved to a new 2 story house located in a fairly new housing area charlotte 2000.I have a keen ability to remember everything from age 2 on.I was outside playing on my two swing sets and was a quite rambunctious kid.I often fell alot.One day I was up to my usual shenanigans and I fell and hit my head on the bar of my playset and heard a voice saying “are you alright” I turned around exclaiming who’s there…no answer.As most kids do I thought it was nothing and continued playing thinking it was probably my neighboor.I proceeded over to the bigger playset with monkeybars and fell abruptly to the floor missing my second attempt at swinging…I heard the voice again perhaps even more clearly “are you alright?….who’s there?…! ! .its your guardian angel silly!”

I ran screaming into my house to get my mom…I never heard it again to this day.Perhaps the eeriest part about this voice is that it was my voice as an adult talking to my childhood self.This was just the beginning.Shortly after my first encounter I started seeing aparitions.I clearly remember that from age 4-5 I heard a strange buzzing noise in my ear every night before going to bed.I remember seeing a young boy reaching out to me saying help me help me…needless to say I didnt sleep much that year…coinciding with my experiences my kid sister then age 1 1/2 wasnt sleeping much either she told my mom one evening that she saw an arm of a child coming out of her closet(she claimed it was jesus)I thought it might be the boy that visited me for help.I was visited by various other apparitions of all sorts…a white lady on my door…a white spectre…it ended for a long time…until my sister was thirteen and my tv started turning on and off…! ! nothing very major happened until recently..This story gives me chills as it has freaked out everybody around me.Most paranormal phenomenon I experience comes in form of dreams or premonitions.This time I experienced a ghost as an adult.

About 3 weeks ago I started having problems with my boyfriend of 2 years.My friend Shane gave me a stone she always wears for strength during this hard time.About 3 or 4 days after wearing the stone I had what I deemed as my first OBE.I awoke in the middle of the night feeling my body laying down but I was physically sitting up.I wasnt asleep i wasn’t awake I was in some sort of limbo.I looked to my couch and saw a man in a pinstripe suit sitting there.I didnt freak out I just aknowledged it and went back to my body.As I awoke the stone fell off my neck and into the palm of my hand!I didnt wig just placed it down.My friend called me later that day telling me she needed her stone back.I told her no problem I didnt need it anymore.I spoke to my m! ! other about it and came to the conclusion that it was my grandfather that visited me(we buried him in a pinstripe suit!)letting me know that I didnt need that stone to give me strength.Over the next couple of days I started seeing things in my apt..dark clocks digital face was warping…my phone started faltering on me ringing with no one there.

I basically just prayed for my grandfather’s soul to reach the other side and rest and to not worry about me.Since then activities have ceased a bit.If you are interested in the cont…or would like me to tell you more stories please e-mail me I’d be happy to tell…Take care to all who read this.