This I Believe

Sara - Murray, Kentucky
Entered on February 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

I Want to Believe

July 4th, 2007, I landed in Roswell, New Mexico in a Honda Civic. It was not near as headlining as the UFO that landed there 60 years prior. While I found no alien during my week in Roswell, I did find myself living my belief. Yes, I believe in aliens, as well as Bigfoot and Nessie. I believe in the unknown; I believe in the unbelievable.

Yes, I know the picture of Nessie is a fake and the video of Bigfoot is in fact man-made. Not to mention the numerous UFO sightings debunked to be mere weather balloons. Is my belief shaken? Not even in the slightest; I am encouraged. Are all the hoax videos and pictures in fact a conspiracy of the government? You bet.

My belief is not based on religion, an all knowing book or being, or even scientific proof. I believe based on mix of experiences, heartache, X-Files, hope, and an eternal childlike wonder. Most people respond to such beliefs as impossible or naive or simply with a sarcastic laugh. But I want to stay naive. I want to keep the wonder and the irrational possibilities. It’s what keeps life interesting. It is my belief that lets me see the unknown in other people; the unknown laughter, cries, passion, and love. It is my belief that lets me see the wonder in the simplest of pleasures.

On the 1,000-mile journey home from Roswell I held no great proof in my hands that aliens exist. All I held was a replica of the newspaper article released in 1947 covering the UFO crash. I look at the article now as a reminder that it is possible to search and never find. It’s possible to ask all the questions and get no answer. It is possible to find aliens when I look up at night. Because of my belief, it is possible to find peace without knowing all the answers. It is all possible because it is the unbelievable that keeps me believing.