This I Believe

Dhara - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

By: Dhara S

Something that I believe whole-heartedly is that parents have the most influence in a child’s life and they are the best role models. They knowingly or unknowingly influence a child’s behavior, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, ideas, and choices. And whether they want it or not, a child looks up to them and wants to be like them.

Ever since I can remember, my parents have been teaching me how to present myself. They have taught me how to be polite, give respect to elders, never talking too much, not complaining a lot, to show gratitude or gratefulness to people, and to never tease or make fun of somebody so much or in a way that it hurts their feelings. Whenever I’m with people I remember everything they have taught me. I know exactly how to behave when I’m at school or at a friend’s house. I have experienced, though, what happens when you over tease. My friends I always joke around with one of our friends by saying she was mean and finally one day, she didn’t laugh at it and told us that it wasn’t funny anymore. Also, whenever I don’t know whether I should do something or not the first question that enters my mind is “will my choice disappoint my parents?” This shows the parents influence on the child’s behavior.

My parents have raised me with many cultural values. Those values are so much a part of my thinking that before I do something I always make sure that I am not doing something unacceptable. To do something against those values is preposterous for me because I completely trust and support those values.

My parents have always been friendly with everyone, no matter who they are, what their race or religion is. Their behavior, I realize now, is what made me as accepting as I am of different people, cultures and religions. Despite being Indian and Hindu, I am part of the Polish club at our school. I celebrate, along with my Indian and Hindu festivals and holidays, all of the other holidays that I know of in my own way, paying respect to other religions and their god.

My parents are also very trusting of me. When I say something, they would believe me. I don’t take advantage of it like many kids would in this situation because for some reason I just can’t. When I start to lie, I can’t do it. I now think it is because of that trust that I cannot. I don’t want to break that trust. I guess I have been raised in such a way that I want to deserve that trust. And if I ever do make a mistake, which I make many of, they don’t get mad at me but instead the guilt thing and say to try to do better next time and instantly forgiven.

One thing both of my parents do that I have yet to mirror is sacrifice. My dad works extremely hard during the day and my mom at night to earn enough money to gives us everything we want. Almost all of the time they work towards our wants disregarding their own needs. I want to have the ability to do that so that I am flexible with everything and any situation

I look up to my parents. They have influenced my life greatly by raising me with such great examples to follow. The thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions I have along with my decisions came completely from them and made me the person I am today.