This I Believe

Julie - manchester, Missouri
Entered on February 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In The Human Right to Live

A little more than a year ago I was very pro-choice. I even went as far as to put down anyone else who didn’t believe the same. I would always say, “It’s my body so it’s my choice, why don’t those ignorant people understand that?” My Beliefs have changed very much since then, and I now believe that every child has the right to live. You may be asking yourself, “What changed your beliefs?” A little girl named Audrey did, you see, a little more than a year ago I had just found out I was pregnant at sixteen.

The day I found out my mom told me, “I will support anything you choose to do.” At first, I told myself, “you don’t have to go through this, and you don’t have to be pregnant.” After about five seconds of thinking that I said no, I would not do that, it’s not the baby’s fault her dad and I conceived her. Never the less, I was still pro-choice, still believing you didn’t have to have a baby even if you were pregnant. I didn’t want to be pro-life; I didn’t want to be one of “those” people that would picket abortion clinics and then look down at me for being pregnant. Then it happened, about five months into the pregnancy I felt the baby really move, that’s when I realized that this was a real person, someone who was going to depend her dad and I to take care of her for the rest of her life.

By the end of the nine months it takes babies to get all good and ready I was HUGE, I was also getting a little angry at my bundle of joy for moving around so much and “relieving” me of my previous figure, at times I would get so mad I would think why did I go through with this? Then she would kick and I would think oh yeah, for you little baby. Still pro-choice we went to the hospital a week after my due date, yes a whole miserable week, and started the baby having process. I went through twenty-two hours of labor, one round of pain meds, one spinal block, and two things of epidural medicine. Oh. Yeah, and I still felt the whole delivery. As soon as I saw her my beliefs changed drastically. I no longer believed it was my choice because she is a real, living, breathing human, and she has the right to live. After we were all cleaned up and having family time, I told her dad, “I can’t believe we have a baby.” I was scared out of my mind.

Time has gone on and I am now seventeen, Audrey’s dad is now twenty and the little one herself is now a full five months and very advanced for her age. I have never once regretted our decision to keep our baby. As a result, it has been very hard but very worth it. When I tell people my story today they usually pity me or are curious about how we get by, and when the occasional person asks me why didn’t you abort? I tell them, “it’s not her fault we made the decisions we did, and she deserves a chance to make her mark on the world just like the rest of us.” A lot of the time I will not discuss my beliefs on this topic because it is so controversial, but I’m not ashamed to say that I believe that every human has the right to live.