This I Believe

Samuel - Houston, Texas
Entered on February 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Oil War

Will you kill someone to get what you want, when you want it? Well, you have and are as we speak. So, Mr. President have you found those nuclear weapons yet? Oh yeah, how can we preserve a nation if we, as a nation, are killing the people who make up that nation? I believe that the Iraqi War is evil, wrong, and we should have never been approved of it.

With our nation’s high priced luxury, we are the biggest consumer of energy among all nations. Of the many energy resources, oil is one of the most used. Oil is used to make things such as: plastics, shoes, chemicals, candles, gas etc. If our energy usage keeps increasing, our luxurious life will not be sustained much longer unless we stay in Iraq, stealing their oil, or find another way to get oil. Because the U.S. already has nine trillion, two hundred and fifteen billion, one hundred and ninety two million, six hundred and twenty seven thousand, four hundred and twenty two dollars and thirty nine cents in debt as of February fourth, 2008, buying oil is out of the question. As for now, our nation takes advantage of our nation’s strength to persistently extract oil from Iraq illegally; which is not only morally wrong, but it is spiritually wrong.

Another reason why I believe that the Iraqi War is evil is because our military is the cause of thousands of deaths to bring in ten million barrels of oil per day for the U.S. only. As you know, blood is spilt in almost every battle ever recorded, but those are battles fought for more significant reasons instead of our nation killing thousands of innocent woman and children and wasting thousands of American soldiers to have the unnecessary enjoyments in life. Since the U.S. invasion (March ninetieth, two thousand and three) there is an estimated six hundred and fifty five thousand Iraqi deaths; but you never hear that on the news do you? All American citizens hear are the American soldier fatalities; American deaths (three thousand, nine hundred and forty five) are just not as massive. I am saying that they are far less than the Iraqi deaths. To top it all off, our nation doesn’t broadcast this information out among the people; so many citizens go through this life not being able to know of or stop this mass genocide.

Why does the government not exclaim the truth? The government doesn’t announce this situation abroad to citizens for a few simple reasons: without the amount of oil our nation obtains it would hurt our nation economically and it would suspend luxuries among citizens. Even though these problems may occur, we would be saving lives of many people and preventing many wars to come. With new leaders representing our nation and people helping, change can occur. I believe that the Iraqi War is evil, wrong, and we should have never been approved of it.