Running head: Just Curious

Don - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on February 11, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: question

This I Believe

Shortly after our class received this assignment, to write a short essay of what each of us believe, I became curious. I was curious about what belief I would eventually decide to write about. I believe, for example, that all beliefs are nothing more than a bunch of un-truths, or lies, unless those beliefs actually belonged to me. To put it another way, a belief, to me, is only true when I actually owned that belief. I was convinced of this, simply because I owned it!

I wondered if I was the only one who thought this way. I became curious enough about all beliefs in general, that I decided to write about being curious! I happen to believe in God, but I cannot prove beyond a doubt that God exists. I’m just not capable. It seems to me that this is a belief that requires faith. I have that faith, but am unable to prove it.

I have been curious about almost everything for as long as I can remember. What makes people do what they do, or think, say, dream about, and believe? More specifically, what makes some folks more resilient, more capable, or more hopeful than others? Why do some people choose to lay down their lives for others? Why are some people driven to help those less fortunate, suffering from overwhelming spiritual, emotional, and/or physical pain?

Years ago, I was with a group of fellow Marines. We were all firing our weapons at what we believed to be our enemy. We were all standing upright, advancing toward the suspected bad guys. All of a sudden, I was on the ground. My body was covered by a fellow Marine who had pushed me down, away from the bullets flying overhead. I hadn’t noticed, but another Marine, behind me, had tripped and fallen with his finger locked on his automatic weapon, spraying the entire area with deadly bullets. What made this Marine, sheltering my body, do what he did? Did even he know? I wanted to know! I was very curious, but never had a chance to ask him. He was killed. Left with my curiosity, I moved on.

Sometimes, I think, all we have is our curiosity and never really find out answers to our several questions. Thank God countless thousands have had the genius and perseverance, or just plain luck, to have found out some answers to a few of the things they were curious about. All of the social workers, inventors, artists, activists, scientists, musicians, architects, doctors, lawyers, and so many others, just had to be curious people.

This I believe: That because of our curiosity we live better lives, and have more knowledge than ever before in the history of mankind. I believe there is so much to learn, to teach, to discover, and to share, that I will know only a miniscule portion of it all. I shall always remain humbled and forever curious about all there is or, at the very least, all that I think there is!