This I Believe

Michael - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe Essay

Many people try to have a plan for the future. It is good to think about the future to a certain point. Trying not to worry too much and become over stressed helps you relax. Living one day at a time makes life enjoyable, because I never know what might happen. Concentrating on the here and now helps me focus. Living each day like it is my last keeps life exciting. I try not to worry about my problems, and I roll with the punches. Only, worry about thing when it is time to deal with them. I don’t want to spend my entire life worrying about every little thing. My belief is living life this way is a good way live.

Some people want to have their life all planned out. In Middle School I would worry about becoming a parent one day, and how I was going to raise my children. Also, worrying about college, what career to choose, and what to do after college would drive me crazy. I wanted to be a Lawyer and make a lot of money to be able to support myself. By the time I was thirteen, I was so stressed out about the future that I could not concentrate on the present. It began to show around friends and family. Focusing on school work made it hard to have any fun. Spending the last three years stressing about the future took up a lot of time. Working three to four hours on homework everyday was exhausting. Many weekends were spent completing projects. I was exhausted when I had any free time. One other worry, probably the biggest, was my disability. Worrying about the fact that I couldn’t write well or type fast caused a lot of stress. I basically couldn’t work with my hands. Until a few weeks ago, worring about everything in my life constantly started to take its toll. I started having severe anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes experiencing trouble breathing, chest pains, and being easily angered by any little thing was a problem. Getting angry at my friends for anything they said that I didn’t like was affecting friendships. Then I thought to myself “What am I worry about?” “What am I acting so weird for?” Contemplating the reasons why I was acting this way, the answer came to me I was too worried about my future. I thought to myself “Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. Having a different way of thinking has really helped me.

I don’t worry too much about the future. I concentrate on the present. I believe I can live a good life by controlling stress. Enjoying the time I have is important. Going out as much as possible and experience life is very important, so is spending time with family and friends. I have learned to take time out of “My busy schedule” to enjoy my life.