Love: The Principle of Life

Amy - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on February 10, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love, peace

Love is the fundamental principle upon which life evolves – and life is the objective truth within the universe. Within this cycle, humans and non-human systems comprise both the smallest aspect of a larger process, and the largest part of a smaller process – herein the boundaries of life are yet unknown. For why do some attempt to control the absolutes of our present existence in arrival and departure? If we did not fear, control, or influence our own conception, how vain is it therefore that we should not shun an assumed end? Yes, there are limits to our understanding – as we arrogantly pride ourselves in our anthropocentric gains, ignorant of Pandora’s laughter as our self-imposed blinders render invisible untold enigmas.

Thought: Cultivating “Mind Free”

Yet, the human mind is the greatest treasure glowing within us, and our greatest liberty is the freedom to enable of the wings of our mind: freedom of thought, choice, and conscience. So what creates limitations upon our mind’s free? Some would respond, “Both external and internal influences. Genetics, cultivation, and culture…”

Indeed culture creates a framework from which we perceive our world and begin to form opinions, and that language which evolves from our culture, provides many of the tools that we employ to release the inner workings of our thoughts. However, our thoughts are not limited to our culture – and our language does not provide all of the essentials for cultivating mind-free. For if these limitations are not intentionally overcome, numerous external influences will continue to guide our perceptions – creating within us a mental lethargy and an unfit conscience.

Peace: The Objective of Thought

The whole of humanity strive for peace in the world: in homes, lives, and minds. This is evinced by the many tools sought by some (religion, spirituality, etc.) to understand life processes and cultivate peace. However, peace can only emerge when one examines their own perceptions, accepts the limitations of humanist understanding, and truly pursues the fundamental principles of love, life, and universe.

Peace cannot exist with coercion;

Peace cannot exist with hatred;

Peace cannot exist with fear – for unbridled fear, at its fruition, produces eruptions of violence.


True peace cannot exist in the presence of suffering;

True peace cannot exist in the presence of injustice;

True peace cannot exist in the within systems of domination, or in the lethargy of selfish apathy – which results in social (and societal) brutality.

For to assume such, or to justify such, would require the anesthetizing of the mind into a state of utter disorder, a cognitive dissonance, and a mental and spiritual departure. For how can one rationally accept that which is in direct conflict with the principles of love, life, and the universe?

Herein all are entitled to love, thought, and peace; and one can only experience peace when love becomes the personal objective of life, and peace becomes the fundamental objective of thought.

This is what I believe.