This I Believe

Katie - Kettering, Ohio
Entered on February 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that poverty can be stopped. I believe that it will take the community to stop poverty. Everyone must come together to help the people come out of their dire situation. I also believe that people that have been helped out of poverty by others will be willing to help others that are in the same situation. I believe that helping someone could be as easy as helping them find a job that is higher paying. I think stopping poverty starts in the neighborhood. I also believe that people will feel better about themselves if they were not living in a bad house. I believe that the community should work together to make bad apartments be in a better condition. We should hold landlords accountable for bad apartments. They should be expected to keep their apartments up to good condition. This way people won’t feel that they are worthless because they live in bad apartments. I also think the community should work together to make a neighborhood. The children will be able to have a safe place to play with children their age. I believe that the government must support all schools equally even when they do not give the same amount of taxes. If all kids learn the same amount, they will all have the same amount of chances of going to college. This will help the children who have to go to school in worse neighborhoods feel that they are worth the education that they are receiving. Also if children in school are taught about college, they are more likely to go to college. If the schools are just trying to get the children to pass the OGT tests, they are less likely to talk about college. If the children know that they can work to something higher they are more likely to stay in school, graduate, go to college, and get a better paying job. They will then be able to escape poverty. I also think that people that have a lot of money shouldn’t just sit back and watch other people suffer and talk about how to change other people’s lives. I believe if they want to make a difference, they should get involved in helping the people in their community.

My dad’s family lived in poverty when he was a child. There were thirteen kids and only the father worked. My dad never really got anything from his family. He had to start working when he was nine years old just to get clothes, food, and other necessities. Ever since he was little he has been working his hardest to make sure that his family did not fall into the poverty level like his parents. I believe that people like my father give others inspiration because he shows that you do not have to follow the same path as your parents. He could’ve chosen to be in poverty level but he decided that poverty was not the life he wanted to live.