This I Believe

Neal - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Personality is everything that I need to know about a person. It may seem obvious, but this is the most overlooked trait in today’s always evolving society. Everyone today strives to have a good physical image – in other words, good looks. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars to look good: People forget to realize that a good personality doesn’t take hardcore cash – simply time and patience to develop. And unlike clothes, it will stay with me forever.

High school has already taught me a lot in a two year span. Coming to Snake Road for freshman orentation awakened me to the fact that the most of the popular kids had the best looking clothes. I decided to hang out with them during the early weeks of high school. I’ll be honest: It was a lot of fun to be around them. What wasn’t fun was watching them discriminate others because they looked poorer or “not as up to date”. Coupled with the fact that many of my better friends didn’t care about looks, I knew that the road I had to take was not the one of physical image and popularity. This group wasn’t for me: Their personality did not embody what I believed in.

Coming back to a group of friends that I knew very well was a welcoming experience: We could talk to each other without fear that one of us would become embarassed: A much different story from the previous group I used to hang out with. I also was introduced to several people that have changed my life in so many ways: They have taught me to live life to the fullest. They have taught me values about friendship that I would have never had without their help. I can tie all this into the fact that their personality has helped me make my own: Someone’s physical image can’t certainly help me shape my own.

I have lived these stories, and I don’t regret anything that I have done. I have discovered the hard way that my personality is what makes me ME. Possessions can make you appear rich, but can’t make you any nicer. Expensive clothes can make you look nice, but they can’t change any stereotypes that you may have. Personality can do all of this, and then some. My personality has gotten me far in life, and I’m happy because of it. I’ve made so many great friends, one of whom still goes to school with me 8 years later. I feel like my life has not been wasted: Many kids that are still part of that “physical image, popular group” are throwing their lives away with pointless nonsense and low self esteem personalities. As I have said many times, money can’t buy happiness. Personality and the way you shape it in your lifetime may not buy you happiness either, but it will most certainly help you find it.