This I Believe

Jae - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Look at the world today. The world is not fair and is not easy. You cannot achieve your goals and become successful by doing nothing. You have to take action. Not only do you need to take action but you need to have the determination to be successful and work hard for it. Therefore I believe that hard work and determination leads you to success.

As you go from place to place, you see many beggars. They sit in a corner with homeless signs and ask you for money as you pass by. Some beggars just come up to you and ask if you can clean your car windows for as little as a penny. Whenever my dad sees these kinds of beggars he ignores them. Then he would say “I don’t know why these beggars are doing this. They are so lazy. Why don’t they get a job? These people will have far better lives if they had jobs and will make much more money.” The quote by Jim Allen “Action creates Reality” says for something to be done, you need to take action. If you are poor and want to make money you should go look for a job instead of moping around all day. That’s why I agree with Emerson in not giving money to the poor. It is no ones fault that they are poor. It is their fault for becoming poor. So why should I give them money especially if all they are doing is asking and not taking any action? If these people had really the determination to get out of poverty, they would do something about it. They would work hard to find a job to make money. “Persistence wins out.” If these beggars keep trying to get out of poverty, soon or later they will succeed. Walking around and asking for money will get you no where.

You cannot expect in life to be given everything. You have to earn them. You

have to have the determination to be successful and work hard. My dad right now worries about how to pay for me and my brother’s college tuitions. I would tell my dad that maybe our rich aunt will help us. However, my dad disagrees. He says he will not receive help from his sister. He says he can’t just expect help whenever he is in trouble. That’s why he pushes us so hard to get good grades so we can get scholarships. However getting good grades is easy. You really have to be determined and work hard for you grades. You have to study hard in school, for the ACTS, and the SATS. If you cannot work hard, you cannot achieve anything. The beggars will not get out of poverty and you won’t be able to get scholarships. Nothing in life is free, not even in America. In life you have to have determination, work hard, and earn it.