This I Believe

Christian - Carlisle, Massachusetts
Entered on February 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Death is a cold angel. It takes away what we love the most. And for that, we hate her, but why? I remember being nine and thinking about my life ahead of me, and I also remember how sometimes I would get uneasy and start to think about death in general. I was always thinking, what will happen to me after I die, and what will happen to my mind or “soul?” I’m not a religious person, and I remember thinking about how the world would go on and on while I sat as a lifeless corpse in the ground, but I chanced a wish that I would go somewhere and not simply cease to be.

As a nine year old, these thoughts were ridiculous, I was nine! I have a whole life to live in front of me, and for that, I’m glad. But now, being barely 14, I sometimes still stray a thought on what will happen when I die, and I immediately try to purge that thought from my mind, unfortunately sometimes without success. The reason for my hatred of death is that it’s horrible. Watching my father die was a terrible time in my life, and so yes, I hate death, because I’ve experienced it one time to many. As the years pass on slowly, I hear about another one of my cousins or another one of my relatives or acquaintances who have passed away. All of those people are gone, and I will never see them again, and that is one of the reasons I hate death, but fear it, that’s another matter. Death is an unknown event and none of us are happily waiting for it to happen, but why do we fear it so? I believe it’s because we know nothing about it. We know about galaxies and physics, we know how to send people to other planets, but we still don’t know what happens when a person passes away, where they go, what happens.

I hope it will take me many years to find out what happens when people die, and I hope I don’t have to experience it many more times before I go. Death is what everyone fears because it’s unbiased. If you’re rich, you die, if your poor, you die, no matter who you are you die. Everyone dies and most people fear it in some receded corner of their brain. If we knew there was an afterlife, we’d be all happy to die and glad for life after death, and for that matter, there could be an afterlife, or a heaven and hell, but we’ll never no until we get there, will we?