This I Believe

Ronnie - Lewiston, New York
Entered on February 9, 2008
Age Group: 65+
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This I Believe

Since we moved here 10 years ago we have been getting occasional visits from some very friendly Jehovas Witness members. We chat a little and they always leave one or two of their pamphlets. They know in general how we feel about religious

issues but they keep coming anyway. Last week they left a pamphlet with the challenging title “Can you trust the Bible?”

When they come back I will give them a copy of what I have prepared as my answer to that question. I’m afraid they will be offended but it can’t be helped.

P.S. GOD already knows about it.

Comments on November 2007 issue of AWAKE!

Can you trust the bible?

The bible is rich in wisdom, beauty and facts but objective analysis

and sincere reflection led me many years ago to reject it as the best guide for living. The fundamental flaw stems from writings which claim that GOD had spoken to someone or other about something or other.

It is my conviction that GOD has never spoken to anyone and whoever claims otherwise has deluded himself, has been hallucinating, or has just plain lied about it, to elevate his own standing.

Once this is recognized and accepted , biblical events, with relative ease, sort themselves out as being true or not true. A glaring example is “Noah and the Ark”. Could Noah and his people have built such a huge boat, gathered all the animals two by two? It would perhaps not be entirely impossible… but claiming GOD had told him to make it 90 cubits long and 45 cubits this way or that way…. this is the smoking gun. It never happened and they will never find the Ark on Mount Arrarat or anywhere else.

Only one more example :”The ten commandments”. By the time Moses came down from Sinai mountain with the stone tablets the earth had been populated for maybe a hundred thousand years. Why would GOD have waited this long to make known his law and why now and why only to Moses? It does not make any sense. Nevertheless the commandments are all good and worthy but they are the product of a man trying to guide his people towards rightful living.

When Albert Einstein was wrestling in his mind over the construction of the atoms he is said to have asked himself : If I were GOD would I make it this way or this other way? He made his pick and research eventually proved him correct. I’m no Albert Einstein but I once also asked myself: If I were GOD how would I teach my people about my Law. My pick? A single commandment only, written not on a stone tablet but in the heart of every newborn, with no further instructions required! My law would simply be TELL NO LIE TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, EVER.

Don’t you think it odd this commandment is not one of the ten?

Nobody has ever lived who did not lie. Yet, it is of greater consequence than anything else in our lives. If I were to ask: “Can you remember the last time you told a lie to someone” I know, after some hesitation, you will answer, Yes, I can. If it was last week or many months ago, you remember it immediately. This demonstrates the importance of it. (By contrast you probably cannot remember what you had for dinner three days ago!)

Observations of my own life and those around me have revealed that when we break HIS law punishment always follows, tailored precisely to reflect the severity and motives behind our transgression. It does not come quick enough, as when we happen to burn our fingers on the stove, but every lie is a proportioned tragedy in waiting. It may come in form of pain, disappointments

or setback in matters that occupy our thoughts the most.

Was it mere coincidence that Beethoven, the greatest composer of all times, became stone deaf instead of some other punishment, if he deserved any?

I am convinced GOD knows and controls everything that happens.

The condition of every cell in the bodies of 6 billion people, every moment of every day. Mindboggling, but not more so than looking up at the stars on a clear night. There are more of them than there are grains of sand of all the beaches on earth and not a sparrow falls to the ground but HE knows it. It is a frightening prospect and a wonderful one.

The new testament describes “miracles” performed so impressive

if true that the world would have been transformed, 2000 years ago, into Paradise on earth and everyone living then would be living still. Had there been cameras, newspapers and investigative reporters the “miracles” would have been exposed and quickly forgotten the same as the “cures” of some present day evangelist healers.

Should GOD decide by some event to persuade his children not to let a lie come across their lips, then we will have become worthy, to live on, right here, a Paradise.

Lewiston Nov 10 2007


It will probably come not as a cataclysmic event but as a gradual one and all of it is anyone’s guess, including my own. What we must do has to be simple yet achievable: PUT the BRAKES on LYING.

The effects on our lives will be felt and visible by all who try it and within ten years, or less, people everywhere will have become aware of it. Hospitals will have more empty beds and health costs will dwindle, new prisons will not have to be built and, one by one, old ones will be torn down.

It is a mistake, I think, to pray for forgiveness and will probably be granted only on condition that forgiveness is first sought from the person or persons to whom we have lied. This is not an easy thing to do and many may prefer to take their punishment and yes, die with it. No one can of course remember all the lies of a lifetime but the last lie is the place to start and surely GOD will take notice.

In twenty years, or less, we may be close to TRUE PARADISE where every thing we can dream can be and HEAVEN is not somewhere in the sky but HERE.

Eternal life, if it is possible, bears with it the hope that we will be reunited,

HERE, with our long, or not so long, dead loved ones. Is it too wild to think that God, HE/SHE ,could bring them back to us? Is there even enough room here on earth for all generations to come back? Considering that more people are living right now than all who lived before, yes, we will be crowded, but how lovely!!

Their return would have to be, according to warehousing operation lingo, LIFO-style (Last In First Out) and each would be received only on condition of forgiveness from those victimized by their lies.

As for life in Paradise – who would not want it ?